Alleviate TMJ, Neck & Headache Pain with Trigger Point Therapy

What is Trigger Point Therapy Dentistry?
There are times when a pain in one area of your body, called a TRIGGER POINT, will “refer” pain to another part of your body. This transmission of pain from one location to another can cause a misdiagnosis of the actual cause of your pain. For example, headaches and neck pain can be diagnosed as tension headaches, migraines or even TMJ (jaw) pain when the real source of the pain lies elsewhere, at the trigger point. In Trigger Point Therapy Dentistry we locate the trigger point of your pain and treat the source not the symptom.

What is a Trigger Point?
A trigger point is an area of taut, hyper-contracted bands or nodules within your muscle. This area is called a “trigger point” because

it “triggers” a pain at the location and also “refers” the pain to another area that is connected via nerves. A good example of this transference would be a trigger point of pain located in your jaw that refers/causes accompanying headache pain. In this example,

some might treat you for a headache when the actual source of your pain originates from your jaw.

Your Headache, Migraine & TMJ Pain is Most Likely Treatable.
The professional team at Craniofacial Transformations is specially trained to diagnose, locate and treat your trigger point pain. Once we locate and treat the trigger points and any perpetuating factors causing the pain, you may experience a great deal of relief or even complete relief from pain.

How Do We Diagnose Trigger Point Pain?

When your appointment is arranged with Dr. Karen, she will perform a thorough Headache, TMJ and Facial Pain evaluation. This examination could uncover one or more trigger points that are causing your pain. Once diagnosed, Dr. Karen will discuss options for therapy and treatment to address the pain relief you seek. Craniofacial Transformations also works closely with other area specialists when necessary, to provide you with the best possible care and pain relief.

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