Frenectomy:" Karen Wuertz did my son's upper lip tie/tongue tie releases at 9 weeks. Best decision ever. Insurance did not cover. Full cost was very do - able at the time. That included all consults and follow ups."

Frenectomy:"My little had his lip and tongue tie fixed via laser with Dr Weurtz as well. He cried a bit but I honestly think that was more about being held down than about pain. He was back on the breast and nursing just fine within a few minutes. That office in particular is really amazing, wonderful staff and doctor."

We love our patients and feel honored to serve them and their families.  Thank you to all who have taken the time to write us about their experiences at Craniofacial Transformations!

Frenectomy:"Dr. Karen Wuertz is amazing! She worked on my son and he is still nursing at 16 months!"

Frenectomy: “Extra Special attention paid to our toddler and gifts to help with her waiting on her baby sister's procedure.”

Frenectomy:" 9 months ago (on Christmas) this little cutie entered the world! Little did we know it would be a very challenging 3 months ahead. From ENT clipping tongue, many visits with Stacy Kucharczk to finally getting the tongue lasered by Dr Wuertz we are finally on a successful journey to enjoying our breastfeeding time together"


Frenectomy:“Both Dr. Wuertz and the nurse went above and beyond to provide quality care, information, and help with my other two toddlers that came with me to the visit. The nurse helped push the stroller, gave the kids little toys, and detailed instructions to a play area nearby when she heard that I was going some place like that after the appointment. She didn't have to do any of those extra things but it just made the visit so very relaxed and demonstrated their true care for their patients. Dr. Wuertz truly has a passion and skill for her work and with her patients. It shows in her words and interactions.”

Frenectomy:"Laser with Dr Karen Wuertz! Totally worth it! Huge improvement"

Frenectomy: "My son just had his posterior tongue tie and lip tie done Thursday. He is 5 months old today. He is doing great and we can already see a difference in so many things! We had it done by a laser with Dr Wuertz. He had the best latch ever when they brought him out to me. Subsequently, not so great. Since his soreness has decreased I've notice it getting better and it's less painful! He nurses for less time and eats less frequently. I was nursing for 20-30 mins every 1.5-2 hours....Before that time, I was using a shield and it would take 45 mins. Now we are at 15 mins tops eating every 2-3 hours. Sunday he put his pacifier in his mouth on his own and it stayed in!!! Today he held his own bottle! My husband was very apprehensive about having it done but is glad we did with the result we are having"

Frenectomy:"My son had his tongue revised by Dr. Wuertz at 3 weeks old. He had a lot of the same issues you're having. She and her whole staff are great! They're very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions. They worked with me hands on showing me how to properly do the stretches.
Make sure to do the stretches after! My son was pretty sore the first day so we got the ok to hold off for a day or two and then start them back up. He had some slight reattachment that Dr. Wuertz was able to correct with a good stretch.
It's definitely been a great improvement for us. Between a visit with Stacy and a follow up with them after the procedure and both times having a weighted feeding, he gained about 8 ounces in a week. It's not 100% perfect, he still gets an occasional shallow latch and I'll have to pop him off and correct it but it's SO much better than it was. I probably would have given up breastfeeding if we hadn't done this"

Frenectomy: "I was super scared and very apprehensive but when I saw Dr Karen she and her whole office staff were fantastic and very supportive!!!"

Frenectomy:We saw Dr. Wuertz for laser TT/LT and it definitely had made all the difference. The Dr said he just had a posterior TT and it didn't have anything to do with his issues....weighted feeds vs pumping showed that to be wrong. TT definitely made a difference but it wasn't overnight for us. It took a few weeks to really get to his full capability of eating and such comfortably, but now he is doing well and I couldn't be happier with our decision! :)

Frenetomy:We had our daughter's tongue and lip ties lasered by Dr. Karen Wuertz when she was 4 weeks old. Prior to the procedure my Little One could only transfer a half ounce at a feeding and minutes after the procedure was done she immediately transferred 3.5 ounces. It was the best decision we ever made and I would have paid any amount of money to have it done. Dr. Wuertz and her amazing staff saved our nursing relationship and I will be forever grateful! I could go on and on all day about our awesome experience. My LO will be 4 months old next week and we have EBF since and she has been growing and on her weight curve and I love nursing her 😍

Frenectomy:"Well it has been a few days and I think my BF days are over.  I have been ready for a few months but did not want to wean with any tears so we took it very slowly.  My 23 month old has not skipped a beat since we stopped and I am very thankful for that. 
For all you mamas that are struggling please know you will come out okay on the other side.  And remember that everyone's "okay" is different.  I will admit to a terrible time with both of my kids for a good 4-6 months but in both cases I ended up loving the BF relationships I had.
Thank you Stacy for your constant support and thank you Karen for your expertise with laser and tongue ties."

Sleep:"I was still having interrupted sleep with a cpap. I heard about the option of using an appliance instead, and spoke with Dr. Wuertz and my family physician about this. I had little to lose at that point. For me, it has been a great outcome. When I made the transition, I started to recognize that I was dreaming again....and hadn't been for nearly two years. Sleep quality has improved tremendously, and I rarely, if ever snore at all. (My husband no longer has to nudge me awake to stop snoring.) I feel fortunate that this works for me. Thanks, Dr. Wuertz!"

Frenectomy:"Just wanted to say thank you so much to Karen Wuertz. Amazing what my daughter can do now, she loves to show her tongue off! Having such a better nursing experience!"

Frenectomy: "Last night I went in to check the boys before I headed to bed.  As I watched Daniel sleep so sound and so quiet, I thought how thankful I am for Dr. Karen Wuertz.  Daniel, who had suffered for years with sleep apnea and snoring and restlessness, now sleeps peacefully.  Dr. Wuertz took Daniel on as her “little project”!  She found several medical issues with him, including tongue-tie which was not found in his years of speech therapy.  She found his tonsils to be very irregular, causing airway issues.  The surgeon at CHKD who had been practicing there for many, many years said Daniel’s was the most difficult tonsillectomy he had ever done, although several doctors I had taken him to over the past several years said his tonsils were fine.  Dr. Wuertz and the other ladies in the office have made Daniel feel so loved through this journey he has been on.  His life is completely changed.  I’m just so thankful God saw fit to cross our path with Dr. Wuertz’s."

Frenectomy:"I had my son's upper lip tie and posterior tongue tie lasered at 9 weeks. BEST. DECISION. EVER. The first night was tough, but the next day was much easier. Yes, the stretches suck, but they are crucial to prevent reattachment. Highly recommend Dr. Karen Wuertz. "

Sleep:"After being diagnosed with Sleep Apnea several years ago I struggled a great deal with adjusting to the CPAP mask. In fact I had become so frustrated with the mask that I began to wear it less and less. I realized that my condition posed a real health threat but just could never come close to adapting to the CPAP machine. About a year ago I ran across an article in a magazine that described the Dental Appliance and spoke to the success many had realized after using it. I was eager to try any alternative to the CPAP machine. My research revealed that Dr. Wuertz was the only local professional certified in providing the appliance. I met with her and her staff and after a thorough examination we discussed the pros/cons and rates of success for Oral Appliance users. I felt comfortable and decided to move forward. After receiving the appliance and going through a period of adjustment (finding my sweet spot) I am nothing less than ecstatic with the results. I am/was a heavy snorer which as many know firsthand can easily disrupt your home life. Once we found the proper adjustment of the device that worked best for me I can, without any reservation report that my snoring has decreased 80-90%. I have found that when I do snore it is directly related to the position I am sleeping in and with a slight adjustment the snoring disappears.
My wife and I have slept in the same bed more over the last few months than we had in the last year. I cannot tell you the impact the decision to try the appliance has had on my quality of life. Dr. Wuertz and her staff provided me with an extremely professional, yet very personal experience. They've showed a genuine concern for my issues and demonstrated a partnership with me in resolving them. I am extremely grateful, thank you!"


Frenectomy:"Time spent with me explaining the procedure, reviewing what was done, and making me feel at ease."

Frenectomy: "Wonderful facility! Dr. Wuertz and her staff are truly amazing and make you feel so comfortable! Very informing and understanding and make information very clear!"

Frenectomy: "My 16 week old had tongue and lip tie revisions on Monday. I've definitely seen some improvement in latch and she isn't popping off and crying when nursing now (Yay for that!)"

Frenectomy: "We paid out of pocket and would do it again in a second"

Frenectomy:'It was so nice to meet you. I had debated getting a second opinion on my child's tongue and lip issues for awhile. I finally came across the Dental Transformations website and decided it wouldn't hurt to see what Dr. Wuertz said about it. My child has had difficulty nursing from the beginning.  Even though I had two healthcare professionals tell me she was fine, I knew something was wrong. From the second I contacted Dr. Wuertz's office my mind was put at ease. I knew my child would be in good hands. The staff was very friendly, professional, and most importantly, knowledgeable. Dr. Wuertz spent time talking to me and confirmed my suspicion. She reassured me that she was going to do her best to fix my child's lip and tongue tie all at the same time with a laser procedure. The process was very quick and when I came to get Amelia, she was picking out a toy with a wonderful staff member. Dr. Wuertz and her team are amazing!!!"

Frenectomy:"My little guy slid off the nipple incessantly (in addition to clicking, choking, etc) before his procedure with Dr Karen. So so much better!"

Frenectomy:"I was set on breastfeeding before my first child made her arrival because I believe it's the best that I could feed my child. There were plenty of people who were there to encourage me to choose breastfeeding but not a single person ever told me that for most it is not always an easy journey. Tomorrow my little one will be six weeks old and the past 24 hours will mark the first day that I have not endured any painful feeds.
The day after we left the hospital we had a follow-up visit to our pediatrician where she informed us that my baby had a tongue tie and that was the reason for my cracked, bleeding nipples. Following that visit, she was admitted due to a high bilirubin level.  They encouraged me to supplement with formula until my milk came in to help flush out her system. I tearfully refused and I'm glad I did because only hours later my supply came in, plentiful at that.  I finally took my mother's advice and set up a consultation with Stacy and I'm very thankful that I did. Stacy referred me to Dr. Karen Wuertz, who revised not one, but two tongue ties and a lip tie. She's since made two follow up visits to check on my daughter. Stacy and Dr. Karen have both gone above and beyond what their jobs entail to help others with their fight to continue to breast feed. They've helped turn what seemed like a continuous battle into something I can finally enjoy with my daughter.'